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Era - Art Deco

Materials - Platinum, Moonstone, Onyx, Diamonds 

Size - 6.5


God of the Moon and Lord of the Night, Chandra travels the sky inside a lunar chariot pulled by ten white horses. Some mortals who witness his journey may think it simply the orbit of night’s most brilliant body, but there are those to whom the magic of the moon whispers. And it is to just such a spellbound soul that the Deco Moonstone and Onyx Ring belongs.

Honoring the rhythms of life as it waxes and wanes through time immemorial, the mystical moon teaches us mortals there is a time to shine and a time for shadow. And in its resemblance to this celestial marvel, the radiant moonstone is nearly as mesmerizing. Sensual stone of love and desire, gem of protection for travelers, and jewel of wisdom and and ease, moonstone shimmers from the heart of this Deco wonder.

Surrounding the vibrant moonstone at the center of this bewitching ornament, onyx dazzles with its midnight magnificence. A grounding gem, onyx is said to connect the one who wears it to the deep earth magic which thrums beneath the surface of all we can see. Orienting the wearer within their own vivid being, onyx is also credited with integrating all dualities inherent to existence.

Heaven and earth in an Art Deco sensation, this spectacular platinum ring is the epitome of divine.