$610.00 USD


Era - Antique Deco

Materials - 14k Gold 

Size - 6

Width - 2.45mm

*pictured second from top

Art Deco was about more than sleek lines and geometric shapes. With innovations to everything from gender roles to the world of medicine happening quickly in the wake of World War I, transformation was the name of the game. The old way of being and doing was challenged on nearly every front, and even jewelry design shifted to keep pace with the changing fashions. Though people still fell in love and married, plain bands went out of style. Engraved wedding bands became all the rage for displaying commitment with chic sophistication. 

The Deco White Rose Wedding Band features just such engraving in its 14K gold glory. Though charming on its own, this band is also perfect for stacking with other rings. And as it has its origins in a time period known for an attitude of more is more, wearing it in the company of other rings will be doing full justice to its history.