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Era - Contemporary

Materials - Platinum, Demantoid Garnets (.75ct) Oval Diamond (.95ct)

Size - 7.25

Pretty green pebbles. That’s what a group of Russian children thought they had found along the banks of the Bobrovka River in the Ural Mountains in the mid-1800s. As unusual and brilliant as the stones were, it is unlikely those children imagined they had just discovered an entirely new gemstone: demantoid garnet. But discover this gemstone they did, and when it was officially declared a unique mineral in the 1860s, demantoid garnet became one of the most coveted gems of the European and Russian aristocracies. Though initially underestimated, these gemstones have dazzled and bewitched tsars and queens, and they continue to work their luxurious magic today.

With an incandescence that rivals diamonds and a color evocative of a tropical paradise, demantoid garnets are as marvelous as they are rare. Set in pristine platinum, the exquisite gemstones in this Demantoid Garnet & Diamond Ring put on an exhibition worthy of all the attention. Perfectly complementing the .95 carat diamond beaming in the center of this superb ring, the vibrant demantoid garnets shimmer and shine in all their glory. A singularly gorgeous celebration of magnificence unearthed, this stunning platinum ring offers excellent finger coverage in a striking contemporary design.