$4,150.00 USD


Era - Antique Brooch Converted to Necklace

Materials - 18k White Gold & Diamonds

Length - 

Weight - 7.1dwt

The essence of love cannot be wholly explained, but that has not stopped countless humans throughout time and civilizations from attempting to perfectly capture the ineffable in songs, art, poetry, and even jewelry. And in the case of this spectacular Diamond Heart Brooch Necklace, we think the artisan came pretty darn close. 

Dazzling designed from 18K white gold and a chorus of captivating diamonds, this scintillating antique brooch was converted into a necklace that cannot help but make a statement of eternal affection. As the most indestructible gemstone known to humans, diamonds have earned their place as jewels of enduring, tenacious, and resilient love. 

Aligned in the form of heart, these sparkling diamonds set in gleaming white gold speak volumes without saying one word. Reflecting the brilliance of a soul shining with love, this marvelous necklace is an excellent choice for gifting to the one who has captured your heart. And because love is too boundless to simply be confined to romance, it is also an outstanding choice for celebrating the love you have for yourself or the appreciation you have for someone dear to your being.