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Era - Art Deco created from an Antique Stick Pin 

Materials - Platinum, Gold, Diamonds

Size - 7.25


During the Art Deco era, the name of the game was expansion. As industry, science, medicine, art, and culture were rapidly evolving in the wake of World War I, Edward Hubble looked to the stars and discovered that the even the cosmos itself was far more vast than ever before imagined. The sky was no longer the limit. Anything was possible. In this time of transformation, the shimmering Diamond Star Ring was brought into being.

Deftly designed from platinum, gold, and twinkling diamonds, this Deco delight glitters and gleams wherever it goes. No wonder Pliny believed diamonds were the embodiment of celestial beings. These dazzling gemstones have long been known as crystals of light and are said to bestow clarity of vision on those who wear them. Amplifier of energy and fortifier of spirit, the divine diamond is also credited with manifesting abundance, igniting the imagination, and bolstering courage.

An Art Deco darling, this diamond ring celebrates all the brilliance waiting to be discovered within your own universe.