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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14k Gold, Moonstone

Size - 8.5

A sacred stone. A gem of creation. Luminous and radiant, the moonstone offers wearers the ability to navigate the ebbs and flows of life with confidence and curiosity. Taking its name from earth’s lunar orb, the moonstone has long been considered a connection to the divine within and without.

Once believed to have their origins in the beams of their namesake, moonstones have delighted humans since they were first discovered. In some ancient civilizations, moonstones were believed to grant clairvoyance and invisibility to those who placed one in their mouth. They have been worn by women hoping to improve fertility and travelers seeking a safe journey by night.  A gemstone of wishes whispered and granted, the moonstone empowers intuition and equilibrium in daily life.

Fashioned from 14K gold and featuring a gleaming moonstone at its heart, the vintage Domed Moonstone Ring is a marvelous tribute to the gem itself as well as all its attributes. Worn for its beauty or its symbolism, this ring will bring the magic of the moonlight wherever it goes.