$1,325.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 14k Gold, Diamond (.50cts H/I VS) & Enamel 

Size - 8

Engraved “A.I. ROLLINS 1945.”


This double headed eagle ring is more than what remains of one man’s commitment to the Scottish Rite - a branch of Freemasonry. Replete with symbolic power, the eagle casts its eyes is two directions - earning from the past, scouting the future - as the scarlet cross and white rose embody the hope of yet another dawning of the sun on an earth in harmony. Centered within the eagle, the diamond glitters a welcome to the eye.


Rumored to have its origins in the creation of a space where men attracted to other men could gather in safety and community, the fraternal organization of Freemasonry has served to give a sense of belonging to many. Likely the man whose initials are engraved on this ring found both solace and encouragement in the companionship of those initiated into his chapter of this secret society. 


Wisdom. Light. Hope. Companionship. As you wear this stunning ring, may you be reminded of the power inherent to both receiving and offering that which bolsters us on this journey of being human.