$12,000.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 76 Stones and 7.5 tcw

Length - 7.25"

Weight - 40 grams

Dazzling, delectable, dramatic—the Double Trouble Diamond Tennis Bracelet is extra in all the right ways. Blazing and brilliant, this vivacious vintage bracelet would have wowed Pliny the Elder, who believed every diamond was a celestial spirit embodied. We get it. These 76 stunning diamonds are absolutely heavenly. And given their radiance, it is no wonder cultures throughout the ancient world attributed their gorgeous gleams to the deities of their lands.

Harmonizing perfectly with any outfit or occasion, every diamond in this thrilling tennis bracelet is also said to bestow so much more than shimmer and sparkle on the one who wears them. Jewels of indomitable strength, diamonds are believed to symbolize the fortitude and tenacity at the heart of all who dare to go after exactly what it is they desire. Amplifiers of energy, diamonds are also said to aid in the manifestation of abundance and enhance clarity on this journey of life.

A double doze of damn fine, this magnificent vintage tennis bracelet is a delicious twist on a classic masterpiece. Lighting up rooms wherever it goes, this bold beauty perfectly complements your own singular shine.