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Era - 1880's

Materials - 18k Gold & Garnet (Hessonite) 

Size - 6.25

*Signet reads "DOE OR DIE", Motto of The Douglas Clan of Davers 


“Doe or Die” reads the motto on this handsome Douglas Clan Signet Ring, and a perusal of the history of this ancient clan reveals these were not ever empty words. One of Scotland’s most influential families during the late Middle Ages, historians believe Clan Douglas was the true power behind the rule of the Stewart kings, and their authority and daring continued to be remarkable throughout the years. Whether fighting for Scottish independence, participating in the Crusades, warring with other clans, supporting the British in the Jacobite rebellions, or fighting against the Central and Axis powers in World Wars I and II, members of Clan Douglas had a reputation for being fierce, disciplined, stalwart, and courageous.

Magnificent in both meaning and craftsmanship, this 18K gold signet ring features a marvelous Hessonite garnet intaglio of the Douglas Clan coat of arms. Believed to grant the wearer protection and bravery for the tasks ahead, garnet is the perfect gemstone for a signet ring of this mighty clan. Also believed to foster passion and focused attention on goals, this crimson gemstone is said to empower those who wear it with mental clarity and increased vitality. Stately and significant, this sumptuous antique ring offers spectacular finger coverage along with a fascinating tale for all whose eyes are captivated by its singular appearance.