$11,500.00 USD


Era - Edwardian

Materials - Platinum, Amethyst & Diamonds

* Comes with official appraisal

While we were not around for the British transition from the Victorian era to the age of Edwardian, we imagine a few hurrahs were heard throughout the fashion world as the exuberant and extravagant Edward VII ascended the throne of England. With a personal style at odds with the somber fashion of his mother mourning her beloved Albert for nearly 40 years, Edward VII adored everything dazzling, delicious, and dynamic. And this sumptuous Edwardian Amethyst Sacred Heart Pendant is every bit of all he relished.

Exquisitely Edwardian, this heavenly pendant is a platinum, diamond, and amethyst extravaganza with more than 150 glittering gemstones shimmering and shining in every light. Fashionistas of the era in which this sensational necklace was brought into being were said to never meet a diamond they did not want adorning their bodies, so artisans tended to use as many diamonds as possible in all their creations.

Amidst the ensemble of old mine cut, old European cut, and rose cut diamonds complementing the white on white on white style of the Edwardian age, the astounding amethyst heart practically thrums with breathtaking beauty. Long considered a gem of Divine communion, amethysts were once reserved for the royal and holy and are still said to bestow something of the sacred on all who wear them even now.

Continuing to wow more than a century after it first delighted one very lucky lady, this bewitching antique pendant adds more than a bit of historical wonder to all your contemporary occasions.