$1,250.00 USD


Era - Edwardian 

Materials - 14k Gold & Turquoise

Inner Diameter - 7.5in

Weight - 17g

*some wear and tear appropriate for age

Engraved 'Oct. 25, 1910"

Turquoise has been used as a gemstone for around 6,000 years, making it possibly the oldest gemstone to grace the earth. Ancient Egyptians called turquoise, “mefkat,” meaning “joy” and “delight.” Which makes sense. Just looking at it makes you think of open skies and wild horses, which, by definition, is joyous and delightful.

The Edwardian Bangle is a sleek 14-karat golden bracelet with bezel set turquoise in varying shades of beautiful blues. Well-loved over her 110 years, this armlet has some wear and tear that shows off just how cherished she’s been. She’s 7.5-inches of antique Edwardian style, weighing a nice lightweight 17 grams.

Inside the band is a simple engraving, “Oct. 25, 1910”. A birthday? A deathday? A wedding? The first time they met? Or was it the last? She’ll keep the mystery to herself - for now. But you can still embrace this timeless wrist candy and give her a history all your own.