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Era - Vintage circa 1990's

Materials - 18K gold, Diamonds, and Emeralds

Size - 5

To be alive in the 1990s was to live during one of the most transformative eras of human existence. With the advent of the internet—dial-up connection though it was back then—the world seemed to become a great deal smaller and yet somehow more full of possibility than ever before. Into this era of optimism and potential, the vibrant vintage Emerald & Diamond Heart Ring was brought, and the world was made a bit brighter for it.

Featuring an array of dazzling diamonds united together with exhilarating emeralds in an 18K gold embrace, this vintage ring is quintessentially 90s, yet its charm remains timeless. Embodying the greenest of greens—according to Pliny the Elder—emeralds are gorgeous gems of devoted love and emboldened truth. Soulful connections that nourish, enliven, and renew the spirit are both what the sumptuous emerald is said to represent and the kind of communion between individuals that emeralds are said to honor best. Diamonds, too, play their brilliant part in honoring those moments when hearts and minds become entangled in the most exquisite of exchanges.

Harmonize perfectly within this showstopper of a heart, each gem enhances the beauty of the others. For us, that’s what living heart-forward is all about: Remembering the wonders brought into being when we live in compassionate collaboration with all around us. A celebration of such a life or simply a fabulous vintage ring for your collection, this emerald and diamond heart continues to bring shimmer and shine the world lucky enough to have it.