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Era - Vintage 

Materials - 14K Gold

Size - 15"

To move through our days surefooted is our ambition and our achievement. Accustomed to uncertainty, we trust ever more our ability to encounter whatever comes next with savvy and spirit. On those days, though, when we need a reminder of just how capable we are, we love to slip on a solid gold necklace to help plant our feet more firmly on the path we have chosen despite all the unknowns. And for those moments and every moment in between, the Engraved Herringbone Necklace is a perfect accompaniment for the journey. 

Crafted from 14K gold and engraved with a herringbone pattern, this sensational vintage necklace fits every mood and occasion. Patterned after the skeletons of herring, herringbone designs have adorned gold jewelry since at least the days of the ancient Egyptians. Symbolic of steadiness through the shallows and swells of existence, these markings remind us of all we have come through with our souls intact. Honoring the brilliance and beauty of your captivating self whenever you wear it, this gorgeous gold necklace mingles splendidly with your own magnificence.