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Era - Early 1900's

Materials - 14k Gold & Hand Painted Essex Crystals

Length - 2.4in"


The one who pursues and the beast of the chase—the trained hound and wild fox have a complicated relationship. Here, though, in The Fox and Hound Earrings, they join together as companions in the creation of a set which is sure to catch the eyes. Each crystal is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, bestowing on the wearer the thrill of the hunt.


Crafted from 14K gold and hand painted Essex crystals, these unique earrings started life as a child’s hunting bracelet in the early 1900s. Though mistakenly attributed to William Essex, the technique used to create these ornaments likely originated with a Belgian artisan named Emile Marius Pradier. After a rock crystal is selected and then shaped and polished to create a sleek convex surface, an image is meticulously carved into the back of the crystal with delicate instruments. Once the image is carved, it is skillfully painted with fine brushes until the desired effect is achieved. The result of this intense labor—as you can see here—is a creation extraordinary in its artistry and elegance. Perfect for adorning the brilliant treasure that is you.