$1,750.00 USD


Era - Victorian

Materials - 18k Gold, Diamonds, Rubies and Sapphires

The Victorians flourished under the strict rules of their society, taking their language of symbolism to crafty new levels. They used flowers to speak a secret language. They wrote shorthand letters only lovers could understand. And most importantly, they spoke in code - with jewelry. 


Our Faith, Hope, and Charity necklace is one of the beautiful brainchildren of this generation. She combines the sentimentality of gems with the sugary sweet meaning behind the cross, heart, and anchor motif for a necklace your neckline will thank you for. 


This pendant is sprinkled in diamonds, rubies, and sapphires set in warm honey-colored 18-karat gold that swings from a delicate link chain, adding just the right touch to your neckline.


Gifting one of these necklaces was like giving a friendship bracelet, albeit a fancy, hard-to-come-by, and absolutely breathtaking friendship bracelet.  Mothers, daughters, and sisters would share these amongst themselves because women support women and what better way to do that than with jewelry? (Answer: there is no better way)