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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold & Diamond

Size - 6.5

As both attentive father and nourishing mother, Hapi—Deity of the Nile floods—was celebrated in ancient Egypt as the one who sustained life. Engendering harmony and balance in all, Hapi summoned the rains responsible for overflowing the Nile in order to deposit fertile silt along the banks from which abundant crops could grow. And Hapi also stoppered the deluge before it became destructive. An androgynous immortal, Hapi embodied the integration of masculine and feminine as well as the transcendence of such binary definitions. And if ever there were a ring which inspired us to remember the majesty of Hapi, the gorgeous and dignified Flush Set Diamond Ring is just such a ring.

Deliciously nonbinary, this striking 14K gold and diamond ring is a celebration of synthesis within and without. As a gemstone of the crown chakra, it is only fitting that a diamond rests at the center of this handsome ring. Believed to inspire authentic exploration of one’s immortal self, diamonds are said to connect the wearer with the Infinite, the Everything of existence. This in turn empowers each to enter wholeheartedly into relationships and endeavors without artifice—gifting the world with the blessing of genuine kinship between all. A tribute to the delicious tension of being human, this stately vintage ring enlivens any ensemble with a beauty much less complicated than its significance.