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Era - Art Nouveau

Materials - 18K Gold, Pearl, Diamonds

Size - 5.5

Ah, Art Nouveau—jeweled adoration of nature and all the earth offers—how we love you. Gifting us with tributes and talismans of the unruly and wild, Art Nouveau aligned artistry with essence and summoned wonders like the Forever Flame Pearl & Diamond Ring into this world. 

Elegantly composed of 18K gold, diamonds, and pearl, this extraordinary antique ring strikes us a celebration of all that is fierce and free in love. Starring gemstones synonymous with devoted affection, this ring is an enchanting offering to the one who has captured your heart. Yet what we love most about this brilliant Art Nouveau showpiece is that its significance can center on one’s own marvelous self, too. 

Gems of the deep, pearls honor the ebbs and flows of passion, courage, and determination which are part and parcel with being human. Jewels of shining strength, diamonds are gemstones of faithful fidelity. United together, they are emblems of the steadfast appreciation and tenacious tenderness which uphold our most nourishing relationships. 

A dazzling exhibition of enchanting beauty, this Art Nouveau marvel honors the everyday and exceptional nature of all existence.