$995.00 USD


Era - Antique

Materials - 14K Gold & diamonds

Size - 7.5

Among the legends surrounding the origin of the Forget Me Not’s name, the most customarily told is the story of a knight besotted with his lady. One day, as they were strolling along the bank of a rushing river, the knight’s beloved spied a cluster of charming blue flowers she wanted for her own just out of easy reach. Wishing to grant his love every desire of her heart, the knight stretched to pluck the tiny flowers, but slipped and fell into the river. As the waters took him away, he called out to his lady, “Forget me not, my love. My love, forget me not.” 

Featuring the remarkable blooms of a legendary flower fashioned from 14K gold and centered with diamonds, the darling Forget Me Not Diamond Ring is an enchanting celebration of devotions’s enduring influence. Starring diamonds—the undisputed gemstones of forever love—this delightful antique ring is a tribute to all that is strong and tenacious in your affection for another or in your own appreciation for the wonder of yourself. A twinkling expression of passion’s captivating magic, this unique diamond ring dances with an unforgettable beauty every day.