$8,500.00 USD


Era - Antique French

Materials - 18k Gold

Length - 17"

Width - 14mm

Weight - 66.70g

With roots winding all the way back through time and civilizations to the Sumerians, gold collars of diverse design have adorned the necks of humans for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, collars ornamented the royal and elite and were believed to offer power and protection to those who wore them. And even as late as a few centuries years ago, collar necklaces were still considered symbols of status as well as style. More than gorgeous wearable history, though, the fabulous French Gold Collar is here to make a statement. 

Fashioned in France more than one hundred in the past, the elegant design of this sumptuous 18K gold collar puts us in mind of a snakeskin. Far from putting us off this phenomenal necklace, the allusion to serpents makes us adore it all the more. Symbolic of wisdom, rebirth, and renewal, snakes instinctively unburden themselves of that which no longer serves with the periodic shedding of their skin. Outgrowing who they once were, they wholeheartedly become over and again throughout their existence. And couldn’t we humans take a lesson from that? 

Gorgeous and historic, this marvelous gold collar captivates and inspires as it celebrates all who embody the entirety of their own magnificence. As resplendent as it is regal, the French Gold Collar is a proclamation of essence that is absolutely impossible to ignore.