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Era - Vintage

Materials - Platinum Setting, 14K Yellow Gold Chain, Garnet & Diamonds

Size - Pendant is 1.55mm, Chain is 15" 

A soul on fire. A soul at peace. Every human we most admire is fervor and tranquility, conflagration and composure, sizzle and serenity braided together in a body. And if ever there were a necklace that gloriously embodied the complement of chaos and calm, the captivating Garnet Diamond Halo Necklace is it. 

Encircling the glorious garnet at the center of this vibrant vintage pendant, each platinum-set diamond of the halo has long been believed to represent the resilient strength of character required for manifesting one’s most meaningful dreams. As both bolster to and reflection of the tenacious spirit within the wearer, diamonds are said to lend their own clarity to even the most befuddled of minds and hearts.

Crimson contrast to cool diamonds, garnets have long been believed to symbolize and enhance passion. Said to fortify the will to explore and endure, garnets were once believed to light up all avenues—actual and allegorical—down which the one who wears them travels. 

In every way a tribute to what makes mortals magnificent, this stunning necklace beautifully celebrates the scope of the soul.