$740.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 18K Gold & Silver Setting, 6 ct of Garnets

Weight - 7.62 grams

* Includes chain


Unobstructed vision even through the murkiest of midnight hours is what the ancient Greeks believed the gorgeous garnet granted to those who wore the stone around their neck. Christened nuktalopos—lamp stone—garnets were credited with illuminating the tangible and symbolic paths down which each wearer might roam. And while we know the radiant Garnet Starburst Pendant won’t exactly double as a flashlight after dark, this heavenly necklace cannot help but brighten up the day whenever it is worn. 

Composed of 18K gold and 6 carats of garnets set in silver, this celestial vintage pendant shines a spotlight on the glorious garnet. Since the Bronze Age, garnets have dazzled and delighted throughout the world. Believed by some civilizations to represent the lifeblood flowing through us all, the garnet is said to both inspire and reflect the passion at the soul of everyone who wears it. A protective stone, it is also believed to restore peace to spirits muddied by conflict and confusion. 

With their reputation as guiding stones in more ways than one, the garnets of this captivating vintage necklace lend the ardent strength of their crimson light to the extraordinary experience of being a human on a journey all your own.