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Era - Victorian

Materials - 18k Gold, Platinum & Garnets (.50cts)

Size - 8

The Victorians took their colored gemstones very seriously. Specifically, garnets. Why? Good question. It’s not because royals wore this jewel for centuries. It’s not because garnets were found on mummies and Ancient Roman signets. And it’s not that Pliny the Elder once described this glowing gem as a ‘fire-stone.’


The answer is far more elementary than all of that. Candlelight lit every corner of a Victorian’s life -  literally, and garnets looked cool af in the flickering light. 


Our Garnet Secret Ring is an antique treasure with a rainbow of garnets spread like sprinkles across an 18-karat gold band. This size 8 US antique ring features delicate scrolling details engraved in sunshiny gold that warms the finger like a morning sunbeam.  


This Victorian splendor holds Insta-worthy colors that make you think you might just be in the great room of a manor drinking dry gin and dining on plum pudding. We’ll cheers to that.