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Era - Georgian c1780's

Materials - 18k Gold 

Size - 5.25

Measurements - 4mm


"Vertu paseth Reches"


Virtue passes riches—so reads the inscription inside this ring, once you translate it from old English. While unlike sentiments usually inscribed in modern rings, the words engraved on this 18K gold ring are not unusual considering it was crafted during the Georgian era when affluence was granted to few. Those not among the few had to make the best of what they had, but luckily virtue could belong to anyone. And we know that in the opinion of the one who commissioned this creation, honorable behavior surpassed wealth in ultimate importance. 


The Posey Ring derives its name from the French word for poem. Such rings were popular in the 1700s—gold bands with pithy sayings engraved on the inner surface. Trendy and customizable as well as affordable for many, rings similar to this one were exchanged between lovers and friends. Bearing succinct amorous, religious, or inspirational messages, they were worn as both tribute and talisman. Simple enough for everyday wear, this unique historic piece bears a reminder that has stood the test of time: Character truly does count.