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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14k Gold & Diamonds (.20cts)

Size - 8

When you know for sure what you are about, there is never a need to complicate matters. A straightforward celebration of confidence, the handsome Gold & Diamond Line Ring satisfies our craving for simple statements of style that are no less impressive for being uncomplicated . Fashioned from 14K gold and diamonds, the clean lines of this vintage delight make it an excellent adornment for all your days and occasions. And though it can keep its own enticing company with singularly striking composure, this vibrant vintage ring plays oh so well with others. Featuring gemstones credited with bestowing their own strength and steadfastness and on those who wear them, this is the ring to slip on when you need a boost of fortitude and fearlessness. An unforgettable statement of belief in your own brilliant self, this straight diamond line ring is the shortest distance between an ordinary day and an extraordinary one.