$350.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold

* Chain sold separately here

For many people, jewelry is merely adornment. And that is perfectly okay. Sometimes we simply want to a flash of brilliance and the gleam of gold to brighten a day. But most of the time—for us—jewelry is much more than ornamental. Every piece inspires us to uncover or tell a story. And the delightful Gondolier Charm is no exception. 

Putting us in mind of Venice, this 14K gold charm sets our imagination off on a journey. And one of the people we discover along the way is Elena Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia. One heck of a woman, Elena was born in Venice in 1646 to a peasant woman and her nobleman lover. Though denied noble privilege because her parents were not married until 8 years after her birth, Elena accomplished more academically than any woman of or before her time had been allowed to accomplish. In 1678, she became among the first women in the entire world to receive a university degree and the very first woman ever to receive a Doctor of Philosophy degree. 

We could spend hours getting lost in Elena's story. And that is part of the reason we are captivated by this vintage charm. It inspires us to think of Venice, of journeys along the canals, of women who influence the world, of traveling beyond our familiar horizons. Perfectly versatile, this charm can be filled to the brim with meaning as you add your own story to it or it can simply delight as a unique addition to your collection.