$3,750.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 18K Gold, Rubies (approx. 1ct)

Size - 6

For those who wish to rule upon reincarnation, the right gemstone to offer Krishna is a ruby—at least according to ancient lore. Prized as even more precious than diamonds throughout some moments of world history, rubies have long been said to work their magic in myriad ways. 

Catching the light from within the handsome Hammered Gold Ruby Band, these captivating crimson stones more than earn their reputation as the gem of kings. Credited with safeguarding the wearer from poison, plague, and evil spirits during the Middle Ages, radiant rubies continue to be relied on for protection of heart and mind even now. Gem of passion and jewel of confidence, rubies are also said to invigorate energy, enliven creativity, and empower confidence.

Able to do almost everything up to and including impressing Krishna himself, this vintage ruby ring easily adds a bit of the extraordinary to any day and every outfit.