$4,850.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 18K Gold & Citrine

Length - 7"

Wherever jewelry is worn, world history is on display. From the gemstones used in every ring, necklace, bracelet, or earring to the masterful workmanship of the artisan who brought the piece to life, a centuries-old web of discovery and genius links every present adornment with all which came before. And the flaming phenomenon that is this Hans Krieger Citrine Bracelet is a gorgeous example of this beautiful truth.

Magnificently crafted from 18K gold and citrine, this vibrant vintage bracelet was created by jewelers whose story began in Idar-Oberstein, Germany during the 1720s. Featuring a scintillation of citrine—a gem known to adorn Hellenistic Greeks as far back as 400 BCE—this marvelous blaze of a bracelet illustrates the magic of mingling past with present.

Prized throughout civilizations for its tawny gleam as well as its metaphysical properties, citrine makes an appearance in the stories of cultures as diverse as Rome and Brazil, India and Russia, China and Greece. Sometimes called the Merchant’s Stone or the Stone of Success, citrine is said to help the wearer manifest abundance in financial matters as well as creative endeavors. And it is simply a joy to behold. 

Glowing with the lingering creative prowess of humans throughout history, this striking Hans Krieger vintage bracelet handsomely accompanies any ensemble and brightens every room it enters.