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Era - Vintage

Materials - 18k Gold, Sapphire (3.87ct) & Diamond (.73ct)

Size - 6.5

A sacred gem. A protective stone. A jewel of empowerment and peace. The stunning sapphire has a reputation that precedes it wherever it goes. Dazzling and delighting civilizations since before there were any words written down to describe their marvelous beauty, sapphires have been prized by rulers, clerics, explorers, and everyday individuals since they were first discovered. Believed by some to be what colors the sky itself, sapphires have been credited with helping humans reach astral and psychic realms otherwise forbidden to mortals. 

Whether or not any gemstone can actually transport wearers to different dimensions, we know this magnificent Invisible Set Sapphire Ring is basically heaven itself. Twinkling diamonds shimmer from their setting of 18K gold like stars radiating a celestial glow while the sapphires at the heart of this ring are reminiscent of a perfectly blue twilight sky. Gemstones of wisdom and truth, sapphires are said to lend a measure of extra creativity and courage to anyone who wears them, and we have no doubt this ring will inspire you with its singular glamour as soon as you slip it on.