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Era - Early 19th Century

Materials - 18k & 14k Gold, Onyx

Length - 3"

Weight - 25dwt

We have long believed function and fashion can complement each other, and here to prove the point is the magnificent Large Foliate Fob With Split Ring. Fashioned from intricately carved 18K and 14K gold and featuring a handsome onyx intaglio engraved upon the base, this enchanting adornment likely began its existence as an ornamental watch fob suspended from the chain of a pocket watch. While some fobs were purely decorative, the ornate onyx seal indicates this fob was created with a purpose beyond simply pleasing the eye. Used to imprint a stamp on sealing wax, the elegant engraving personalized documents and envelopes with panache. 

Recognized as a stone which helps the wearer integrate the dualities within themselves, the onyx in which the stately intaglio has been carved has been prized by individuals throughout known history. A protective gem, onyx is said to help ground the wearer and strengthen their connection with all elements of the natural world. Reinforcing this metaphysical characteristic of onyx is the ethereal foliage detailed in gold upon the fob. A celebration of nature in every sense of the word, this exquisite embellishment has made its way from the past to your present with a singular beauty that is certain to enhance any ensemble.