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Era - Belle Epoque 

Materials - Platinum, Natural Pink Sapphire & Diamonds 

Size - 6.5

Belle Epoque—the beautiful era. Prosperity, optimism, and peace were the hallmarks of this age when elegance of manner and adornment reigned supreme. In Paris, the Eiffel Tower and the Paris Opera were constructed, and in workshops throughout France, artisans created dazzling pieces to ornament high society. Lustrous gemstones mingled with diamonds and platinum in compositions designed to accentuate the allure of any person fortunate enough to don them. 


This magnificent Tiara Ring crafted during France’s reprieve from national hardships is a testament to the fashion of the time. A deliciously dramatic piece, this finger diadem features a natural pink sapphire in the centerpiece. Symbolic of trust and sincerity, pink sapphires are believed to bestow good fortune on all who wear them. When united with the unconquerable strength of diamonds and the pristine constancy of platinum, the sapphire enhances the symphony of artistry with which this ring is composed. This is a ring fit for royalty. This is ring fit for you.