$12,450.00 USD


Era - Neoclassical Era c1770-1830 

Materials - High Karat Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Seed Pearls, Blue & White Enamel in Original Leather Box

Dimensions - 3in x 2.5in

For the true Collector, we bring you the most exquisitely preserved example of Mourning Art we have ever come across. Featuring a Mother mourning her child, this miniature evokes a heart-wrenching portrait, rich with symbolism. 

The child's soul breaks free of the tomb underneath a Willow Tree as an angel waits to receive it into the Heavens, diamond crown in hand. A Cypress Tree leans in the distance as a symbol of Mourning. Written in careful detail upon the tomb is the word RESURGAM, latin for "I SHALL RISE AGAIN". 

Enlisting the help of Hayden Peters, a world renown expert of Mourning Art, we were able to uncover the romanticism, love and heart break behind such an ethereal scene. Read more by the link below:

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