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Era - Vintage

Materials - Platinum, OEC Diamond (2.73ct), Calibre Cut Emeralds (1.40tcw), Calibre Cut Sapphires (2.10tcw)

Size - 8.25

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The outstanding Octagonal Sapphire Emerald & Diamond Ring unites sacred geometry with sensational gemstones in one unforgettable vintage showpiece. Exquisitely designed, this vintage stunner features an exceptional 2.73-carat Old European cut diamond at its center surrounded by an elegant ensemble of calibre cut emeralds and sapphires all set in gleaming platinum.

Symbolic of evolution, renewal, rebirth, and all that is eternal, the octagon unifies the circle and square into a shape said to represent the infinite connection between the heavens, earth, and all who live among them. Said to embody the four cardinal directions of the compass as well as the four intermediate points between them, the eight points of the octagon create a figure considered holy in many spiritual traditions.

It is not only the shape of this mesmerizing ring, though, that hints at Divine favor. With their heavenly hues, sapphires have long been prized as a gemstone of celestial wonders and wisdom. In all their green glory, emeralds are said to symbolize the renaissance wrought by springtime in the world and the soul. And diamonds—gorgeous gemstones of glittering light—are credited with bringing the strength and tenacity of the goddesses and gods themselves to bear in the spirit and endeavors of those who wear them.

A vintage marvel, this masterpiece of sapphire, emerald, and diamond is enchantment and empowerment in one brilliant beauty.