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Era - Art Deco

Materials - 14k White Gold, Onyx & Diamonds (.20cts)

Size - 4.75

Measurements - 24mm x 12.8mm 

Never simply about looking pretty, the dramatic contrasts and geometric lines of Art Deco jewelry highlight the ethos of an era known for liberation. In the wake of the Great War, industry and gender roles began to change. A fascination with machines gave rise to jewelry highlighting sleek lines and vivid colors. Women who had left hearth and home to work in factories were not about to diminish their shine simply because men had returned from war. En masse, they began declaring freedom from the old way of doing and thinking, and the jewelry they chose to wear reflects their brazen belief in themselves. 

Known as a stone of protection, the black onyx featured in The Double Dice Ring lends its energy to the wearer. The 14K white gold band and the diamonds enhance the beauty of a gemstone which is believed to symbolize stamina and perseverance—qualities vital to anyone refusing to stay bound by society’s expectations of them. Whether worn for the dazzle or a summons to the boldness embodied by the women of the Deco era, this ring is more than a simply a beautiful work of art. It is liberation on display.