$1,050.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold, Opals (1.60tcw)

Magical, marvelous, misunderstood—to be human is to be at least a little of all three. But on this score, we are in excellent company. Mystical and magnificent, the opal, too, shares these traits. It seems only fitting then that to adorn yourself with opals is said to be honoring all the dynamism of your humanity. And a simple way to do such a profound thing is to slip on these stunning Opal Studs.

Fashioned from 14K gold and opals, these vintage studs put us in mind of seaside shallows on a sunshine day. Gems of joy and enthusiasm, creativity and consciousness, opals are said to empower and illuminate all who wear them. Though rumors about them being gems of bad luck were once whispered by diamond merchants jealous of their radiance, opals have long been credited with bringing light, energy, clarity, and calm wherever they are worn. 

Flashing fire and brilliance wherever they go, these vintage opal studs are delight, rapture, and wonder embodied. Just like you.