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There is something exceptional about a French diamond ring. Though Louis IX of France prohibited anyone who wasn’t the king from wearing diamonds in the 13th century, the injunction had fallen out of fashion by the time Archduke Maximilian sent Mary of Burgundy the first known diamond engagement ring. Set in a plain band, the diamonds used to woo Mary had been arranged into an M. Mary accepted the Archduke’s hand in marriage, and the rest is French history. Since then diamonds have been used as the hearts of countless rings to signify loving intention between couples throughout the world. But it all started in France.

With delicate tapered shoulders and a twinkler at the center, The Petite French Diamond Solitaire Ring may once have been offered in love to another. Symbolic of extravagant love, diamonds are not just for gifting to another. Believed by many to be gemstone of emotional and mental clarity, the diamond centered in this 18K gold band can be worn as a promise or a celebration of the love you have for another or the love you have for yourself.

Era - Vintage French

Materials - 18k Gold & Diamond (approx.20ct)

Size - 7.5in

Width- 1.5mm