$2,400.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - Platinum, Diamonds

Size - 5.25

For honoring forevermore, you cannot go wrong with this darling Platinum Diamond Baguette Eternity Band. Every bit of this twinkling platinum and diamond delight declares everlasting affection and eternal devotion come whatever may.

First entering the fashion scene in the 1920s and 1930s as jewelry took on a more geometric design, baguette diamonds have thrilled for nearly 100 years. Gorgeous gems of faith, fidelity, and for all time, diamonds have earned their reputation as jewels of undying love thanks to the strength and resilience of their own being. Stones of divinity embodied, they are said to bring clarity, tenacity, determination, and fortitude to bear in the favor of whoever wears them.

Not only an ideal gift for another, this vintage platinum and diamond eternity band is also perfect for celebrating one’s own brilliant self. A stunning stacker, its own allure complements the beauty of others, yet it also hold its own as an enchanting adornment for any day.