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Era - Vintage 1970s

Materials - 18K Gold

Size - 9.5

Plus Ultra—Further Beyond. 

National motto of Spain since Charles V, Plus Ultra is a statement of expansive vision. And those words look mighty fine on the sexy Plus Ultra Signet Ring. A beautiful rendering of Spain’s coat of arms fashioned in the 1970s from 18K gold, this vintage signet ring is a tribute to derring-do—those audacious, courageous, intrepid deeds of bold belief and adventurous action. 

A turnabout on the original warning Non plus ultra—nothing further beyond—said to be inscribed on the pillars of antiquity which flanked the Strait of Gibraltar, Plus Ultra dares to imagine there is more to be uncovered, explored, and invented. Braced by the pillars of Hercules, the center of this ring represents the four kingdoms upon which modern-day Spain was constructed. The first quadrant belongs to the Kingdom of Castile, while the second quadrant is an homage to the Kingdom of  León and the lower quadrants symbolize the Crown of Aragon and the Kingdom of Navarre. United together, these symbols are emblematic of conquest and cooperation as well as exploration and expansion.

Quite literally crowned by the near-universal emblem of royalty, the composite coat of arms is a tribute which honors the strengths and stories of Spain. A singularly striking signet, this vintage ring also honors the grit and guts of those who gamble on themselves. The ideal accompaniment for anyone who dreams, does, and discovers, this signet is an unmistakable statement of faith in one’s self and a celebration of all that awaits us when we are curious enough to question and brave enough to behold.