$12,250.00 USD


Era - Retro 1940s

Materials - 18k Gold, Ruby (1.5ct) & Diamond (.2ct)

Length - 15"

Weight116.79 g

While there are some who see antique and vintage jewelry as simply fabulous adornment, we believe each necklace, earring, bracelet, and brooch is artistry and history come to life, and the magnificent Retro 18K Gold Omega Necklace embodies that truth in every component of its creation. 

Fashioned in a time of international upheaval as a result of WWII, each element of this stunning necklace’s design reveals a creative insistence on crafting exquisite jewelry even in times of scarcity. The hollow tubogas chain formed from interlinked gold strips entwined together is a testament to the innovation required when access to gold was severely limited but people continued to crave remarkable necklaces. And while immense gemstones were difficult to come by in the war years, the artisan who created this 1940s necklace knew just how to set each ruby and diamond into the gleaming 18K gold for a phenomenal visual impact.

Though we do not know exactly why the creator of this piece featured diamonds and rubies, we do know they could not have chosen more perfect gemstones for a necklace crafted during this era. Symbolic of strength and tenacity, diamonds are said to empower those who wear them with courage and fortitude, while rubies are protective gemstones credited with bringing an extra measure of joy and passion to the one who wears them. 

Whether worn simply for its marvelous and singular beauty or enjoyed for its aesthetics as well as its history, this superb retro necklace is truly a timeless wonder.