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Era - Retro c1940's 

Materials - 18k Gold, Rubies (.25cts) & Diamonds (center 1.66ct, side.90ct

L/VS2, .25cts ribbon

Size - 7

Wherever we are in our journey, it is usually possible to find some flicker of joy. For many people in the 1940s, this shimmer of happy came from the gleam of magnificent jewelry. Overwhelmed by the uncertainty and hardship of WWII and its aftermath, whoever could afford to seek their pleasure in precious metals and gemstones often looked for it exactly there. And judging by the thrill we get when we look at this sumptuous Retro Floral Spray Ring, we imagine this beauty has brought more than its fair share of bliss to anyone lucky enough to slip it on their finger.

A stunning exhibition of singular design prowess, this striking ring is quintessential 1940s adornment in every way. Masterfully crafted from 18K gold, radiant rubies, and a dazzling array of diamonds, this spectacular ring is a delectable piece of history as jewelry. Featuring a crown of fiery scarlet gemstones believed to both ignite and honor passion in the heart of the wearer, this fabulous ring is a bold fusion of floral elements and geometric precision. Lending their own incandescence to this sparkler, the dance of diamonds serves as a tribute to the strength and tenacity of all who choose to shine no matter the shadows surrounding them. As a stylish statement in every sense of the word, this gorgeous ring cannot help but delight the eyes and capture attention wherever it goes.