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Era - Antique

Materials - 18k Yellow Gold

Weight - 2g

Measurements - 18.95mm x 16.76mm

Note - Chain sold separately.

"There are those in this world afraid of the power we hold within ourselves, and they do all they can to keep us from owning our magnificence. Far from a novel tale, such suppression has gone on for ages, and yet over and again individuals overcome obstacles to wholly being themselves, often with the assistance of a helping hand. A story of triumph over envy and fear, the fascinating Romulus & Remus Charm illustrates the moment when kindness brought life to the soul where death of possibility was intended.

Crafted from 18K gold, this empowering charm captures the nourishment of Romulus and Remus by a she-wolf after being doomed to death by their great-uncle Amulius. Afraid of the rightful claim the twins of Rhea and Mars had to the throne of Alba Longa, Amulius ordered their death before they could grow up and depose him as he had deposed their grandfather. But compassion caused those charged with drowning the boys to leave them in a basket near the river where a she-wolf discovered them and provided sustaining milk until they were found by well-meaning humans.

More than simply a gorgeous interpretation of Roman lore, this vintage charm puts us in mind of all which nourishes our brilliance and welcomes the parts of ourselves that have been cast aside by those who are frightened of our majesty. A fascinating piece for any collection, we see this charm as a celebration of surviving and becoming all we might possibly be."

- From Elizabeth Kranz Potts