$12,950.00 USD


Era - Contemporary

Materials - 18K Yellow Gold & Platinum, 1.51ct Radiant Cut Natural Light Yellow Vs1 Diamond, 92ct Of Round White Diamonds

Size - 6.5

A love without equal deserves a ring without equal. And the sumptuous Salavetti Natural Yellow Radiant Diamond Ring is just such a singularly exquisite adornment. Assiduously designed and created by the artistic virtuosos of Salavetti, this enthralling contemporary ring flirts and flashes with brilliance brought to life. 

At the heart of this resplendent ring, a luminous 1.51 carat radiant cut natural light yellow diamond embodies the exceptional since only approximately 0.010% of all discovered diamonds naturally span the shades of yellow. Surrounded by a dazzling ensemble of round white diamonds and held within the embrace of 18K yellow gold and platinum, the magnificence of this sunshine gemstones dazzles in expression as well as meaning. 

Since their discovery in South Africa in 1867, yellow diamonds have symbolized the delight and joy of new beginnings. Simultaneously effervescent and stalwart, these magnificent gems embody merriment as well as determination and honor the truth that both are vital contributions to lasting romance. Beyond beauty, yellow diamonds signify a committed, passionate love which perseveres through all which challenges it as it undertakes the adventure of living and loving in companionship with courage and fortitude.

Truly a celebration of an affection as unique as those held by its bonds, this glorious handcrafted contemporary ring is a masterpiece of bewitching artistry and a monument to brave love.