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Era - Vintage

Materials - 14K Gold, Lapis, Diamonds

Size - 6

Throughout the moments that make up history, in every place on earth where humans have touched the ground, the names of Goddesses have been whispered, sung, shouted, and honored. And among the many we find personally compelling, Nuit is she who leaps to mind as we get lost in the wonder of the Starry Night Lapis & Diamond Ring. 

Goddess of every clear and cloudy evening sky, Nuit is said to have swallowed the sun-God Ra each night and birthed him anew every morning. Wrapped in stars, she was genesis and exodus, the one who brought death to the pharaohs and roused them again for resurrection. Set in 14K gold and surrounded by diamonds, lapis—the gemstone at the heart of this vibrant vintage ring—is a stone which honors Nuit. 

Gem of tribute and truth, lapis has long symbolized intuitive vision and the wisdom which comes from heeding it. As stones of clarity and consciousness, the diamonds which encircle the gorgeous lapis are credited with bringing abundance. United together in spectacular harmony, these gems create a truly sensational showpiece that bring a bit of ancient magic to your every day.