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Era - Early 20th Century

Materials - Gold, Silver, Rose Cut Diamonds (.80ct) Pink Topaz (2.40ct) Demantoid (.50ct)

Size - 1"

Painted onto signs, typed into pamphlets, shouted during protests, and worn as jewelry, the demands for equal rights for women rang throughout the United Kingdom at the turn of the 20th century. Refusing to be ignored or intimidated into silence, valiant women from all walks of life participated in direct action and civil disobedience in a concerted effort to produce changes already too long in coming. These women made history. These women were suffragettes.

Proudly wearing the colors of the cause—green, white, and violet—suffragettes chained themselves to buildings, chanted at rallies, allowed themselves to be arrested, and wore jewelry identifying their support for the cause in the hopes that every action—big or small—was one step further on the road to progress. 

Expertly fashioned from gold, silver, diamonds, pink topaz, and demantoid, the brilliant Suffragette Brooch gleams with the promise of progress and transformation. Symbolic of strength and tenacity, the diamonds in this revolutionary ornament represent clarity of purpose while the violet hue of pink topaz honors the loyalty shared between the suffragettes and the green of the demantoids signifies the hope each woman held in her heart. Shining with historic meaning, this sparkling brooch offers its bold history to your present as it embodies the exact kind of courage and perseverance necessary for making the world a more equal and loving place for all.