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Era - Vintage

Materials - 18K White Gold, Natural Pearl & Diamonds

Size - 5.75

Tears of the mermaid, treasures of the dragons, pearls have enraptured and enthralled for more than 2,500 years, and the Sweetest Natural Pearl & Diamond Ring certainly has us smitten. Expertly crafted from 18K white gold, diamonds, and a splendid pearl, the full moon radiance of this vintage enchantment beams more than beauty upon its wearers according to the legends told throughout time and civilizations.

Needing no human intervention beyond mere discovery in order for its full brilliance to be brought forth, the pearl has long honored the nature of one’s truest self before it is prodded and plied by those who wish to form another in their own image. Emblem of eternal wisdom, pearls are said to grant wearers confident composure throughout the ebbs and flows of life.

Said by some to originate where rainbows meet the earth after the most ferocious of storms, pearls serve as a tribute to all endured with one’s essential wonder intact. Accompanied by twinkling diamonds—gorgeous gems of patient persistence—the pearl at the heart of this ring speaks to us celebration of one’s own courageous spirit.

A masterpiece of spellbinding significance, this vintage darling of pearl and diamonds sweetens any day and every occasion.