$2,300.00 USD


Era - Vintage

Materials - 18K Gold 

Size - 7

* This ring cannot be resized.

Light waves. Sound waves. Waves of water. Undulations of energy reverberate through time and space to offer here a gift from there, to gift now with an offering from then. For we are all connected to what was, what is, and what will be. A simply stunning celebration of this truth, the lustrous Vintage Tiffany’s Gold Wave Band is a radiant ring with a past ready to embellish your present. 

Masterfully crafted from gleaming waves of 18K gold, this phenomenal vintage ring is a tribute to a creative kinship which began with artisans long deceased and will continue for as long as there is breath. Though Tiffany & Co. was officially founded in New York in 1837, the expertise behind their luxurious designs has always been rooted in the communion between contemporary individual innovation and historic wisdom passed through generations. 

Honoring the ebbs and flows of existence and the connection which binds all together, this fabulous gold Tiffany band is an uncomplicated beauty perfect for adorning every day with luxury.