$4,600.00 USD

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Era - Edwardian

Materials - 14k Gold & Platinum, Ruby (GIA no heat no treatment) .90cts & Old Mine Cut Diamonds 2cts

Size - 5.25

Unlike his notoriously conservative mother, King Edward VII (1901-1910) was a man who liked it luxe. His friends, his fashion, his women. It should come as no surprise then, that the era which bears his name was one of the most opulent in history. Much like the king himself, Edwardian society was hellbent on exuding sophistication, lavishness, wealth and elegance at all times. (Read: they be fancy)

Do you know what screams “fancy” better than anything else? 

Jewelry. Jewelry and lots of it.

Edwardians favored feminine, hand-made designs (sorry, Victoria) and, thanks to technological innovations, are famous for transforming platinum into lightweight, intricate, lace-like pieces intended to be stacked and worn in layers. 

(We mentioned they liked jewelry, right?)

On point with classic Edwardian glamour, our Vesuvius ring decorates the wearer’s finger from knuckle to knuckle with the daintiest 14k gold band, a .90ct stunner of a ruby, and an ethereal intermingling of platinum and 2cts of Old Mine diamonds. Bright white with a pop of rich color. Just the way they liked it. 

This one’s for the bada** Edwardian babe in all of us: classy, sophisticated, and unrestrained. 

King Edward would definitely approve.