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Era - 1851

Materials - 18k Gold & Bloodstone Itaglio

Size - 4.75

Carved with a Lion and Anchor above a banner reading "Dum Spe Calerant” which roughly translates to “While They Were Warm with Hope.”


There was a time, albeit a bit of an unfortunate time, when signet rings didn’t outlive their wearer. These tiny treasures were destroyed when the wearer was gone to keep their signature in the past and to prevent forgeries. Not quite as secure as a password with 12 special characters, but it did the trick. 


This little survivor is one of those sly baubles that escaped it’s ruin and made its way into heirloom territory. In the process, the owner of this beautiful crest became quite the mystery. Alas, this ring is a traveler forging new roots and ready to continue life wherever serendipity takes her (…meaning your finger, btw).


Our Hope Intaglio signet ring was crafted in 1851, during the Romantic Period of the eponymous Victorian era. This ring showcases a beautiful bloodstone carved with a noble lion holding an anchor and cross (charity and faith). The banner floating gently below this scene of strength and virtue reads, “Dum Spe Calerant”. Roughly translated these Latin words mean, “While They Were Warm with Hope.”


It’s a perfectly sized pinky ring at 4.75 US. Pinky accessories not in your ballpark? No worries. It can be resized or worn on a gold chain around the neck.