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Era - Victorian

Materials - 14k Gold & Bloodstone

Size - 9.75

According to the Leyden Papyrus—circa 250 CE—anyone who carries a bloodstone with them will be given whatever they request. While we don’t know if that’s quite the case, we feel confident that this handsome Victorian Bloodstone Ring will grant anyone wishing for a singularly magnificent ring precisely that.

Masterfully crafted from 14K gold, this striking specimen of Victorian artistry features a gemstone known for empowering courage and resilience in the face of obstacles. Said to have been created when the blood from Jesus’s wounds fell onto the stones of green jasper at the foot of the cross, bloodstone has been prized as a gem of spiritual connection and healing for centuries. A stone of the heart chakra, bloodstone is also believed to inspire greater compassion, empathy, and understanding as well as enhance vision and stamina when it comes to the goals of the one who wears it.

A perfect adornment for anyone of any gender, this marvelous Victorian ring may not automatically grant you everything you want, but it will certainly catch the eye and shine as that deliciously unique piece you’ve been looking to add to your ensemble.