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Era - Victorian French

Materials - 18k Gold & Carnelian carved with Lion and Banner 

Size - 7

Measurements - 10mm x 14mm

To live and love well takes courage. To follow our dreams, to open our hearts, to reveal our truths, all require taking risks. Feeling fear and doing something anyway is to embody bravery even on otherwise ordinary days. 

Tasked with confronting something which frightens, humans throughout history have armed themselves with amulets, charms, and talismans intended to both empower and protect. For many—including the mighty Romans—carnelian was the gemstone of choice for good luck. Believed to ward off the evil eye and imbue the wearer with valor, carnelian found its place in rings, necklaces, clothes, and armor. And if the stone bore the image of a god or powerful creature, so much the better.

With a lion engraved on the carnelian at the heart of the Victorian Carnelian Intaglio Ring, this ring offers a double dose of daring to the wearer. Nestled in 18K gold, this gorgeous stone symbolizes the tenacity and spirit which already lies within you. No matter when or why you wear it, a simple glance at your hand will remind you that you have the ability to manage whatever comes your way. You’ve done this before. You’ll do it again. You’ve got this.