$1,650.00 USD


Era - Victorian Brooch converted into a Necklace 

Materials - 18k Gold, 14k Gold Chain & Old Mine Cut Diamonds (1.45cts)

Size - Moon Length 2in, Chain Length 18"


The Victorians were a suspicious bunch – between the Russian flu and Jack the Ripper, who could blame em? The remedy for all this bad juju floating around? Good luck charms. Popular in the later 1800s, the horseshoe has become a symbol of good luck in many cultures around the world. When worn upright, it is said to hold the luck inside and protect the wearer from evil. If it hangs upside down, it pours it's luck out - in this case over the wearer. Combined with a crescent moon - which represents creativity, fertility and intuition - you've got yourself one lucky little charm right here. 


Our Lucky Moon Necklace started as a sparkling brooch and was rebirthed into this dazzling golden masterpiece meant to caress the collar bones and give your chest a little extra spark. With 1.45 carats of chunky mine cuts that spark is more like a bang.


Here’s some twinkling good juju just for you. Rock this charmed treasure with anything from a velvet blue dress to laid-back jeans and face the world dripping with luck and luster.